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“To be or not to be” is not the question.

With what purpose did they call the Republican Party a Communist Party and ask me to leave the US, while at the same time they were threatening my family’s safety in order to prevent me from opposing president Kim's criminal activities?

A manipulator branded the Republicans as a “communist party,” and all of America as Communist. This noisy operator had joined with other Koreans, among whom I must note two people —first, the manipulator himself, and second, Popeye II— who worked together with a diplomat partner at Buford Highway. These two agents were among a group of Koreans who had come up with the idea of helping me at the time of my hunger strike.

Should I conclude that these agents invented a new use for the word “communist”?

President Kim Dae-Jung —who even committed bio-terrorism after being awarded the Nobel Prize— did not want to miss the chance to suppress the evidence of his political terror activities.

Ambassador Yang Sung Chul
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the United States of America (Connection Failed, 2007.11.26 AM 00:12)

Consul General Cho Jung-pyo (- Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade ( Dec. 2006 ) ... - Consul- General, Korean Consulate General in Atlanta, U.S.A (Jul. 2000), Current Consul General - Lee Kwang Jae)

When I was a student, they classified me as a pro-Jeolla pro Kim Il-Sung anti-American communist. They threatened me, even tried to murder me in Seoul. In fact, they repeatedly used violence against me, tried to harm me in all kinds of ways, always pretending it was an accident. I was wounded, but did not die. They —the group linked to Patriot II— knew that I had been seriously hurt. [There was also an organized attempt to kill me not far from the University’s main gate. Later on, in Brussels I found certain agents who knew of that attack.]

Citizens must understand what their intentions are when they try to mix republicanism with communism —and a republican with a communist— in a clear attempt of manipulation and political terrorism. [It is just one example that explains their highly sophisticated criminality, the same one they exhibited when they branded me as a pro-Kim Il-Sung communist and as a pro-American extreme rightist according to their needs. When they attempted to murder me as an extreme rightist, they used Chinese agents —bio-terrorists [Using foreigners agents —Algerian, Chinese and others— as terror agents]. When they called me a pro-Kim Il-Sung anti-American communist, they also tried to use NATO and US armed forces at the Mons NATO military base in Belgium. They often refer to the four major powers’ diplomacy. That makes me wonder about the nature of their own diplomacy.]

“We must explain to the public and the media the role of the United Nations wherever we operate, why we are there, what we do and what we stand for and what we don't,” he said. “We must make clear we are not there to represent the interests of any one group of nations. We must make clear that we are there to clear mines, build schools, run clinics, advance the rules of law, help protect the environment and help protect human rights. In short, to build better lives for the men women and children we exist to serve.” UN Chief to Push for Counter-Terrorism Measures, By Barbara Schoetzau, New York 19 December 2007

We should be very careful of those agents who identify a citizen as an anti-government activist, and who harm their victim just to do their work and show their merits —calling themselves patriots. The same warning goes for a Dane who threatened my life after the exposure of a KCIA-Chinese coordinated bio-terrorist act. He was someone who said that he was a Danish patriot. I wonder what kind of a true patriot he is. [It happened before my departure to Atlanta.]

Those agents linked to illicit drugs (narcotics) and diamond smuggling used to promote their profitable business —through criminal activities. They even dared to brand a powerless citizen as an antigovernment activist, as a communist and as an extreme rightist —all in cooperation with diplomats. [In fact, they have two different criminal activities. Starting with common crimes, they go to the extreme of organizing political repression and terrorism. They have ingeniously combined two into one —the same persons being responsible for both criminal activities.]

Sooner or later they would bring forth details of their criminal activity and reveal their identity —often recommending “to eat more” or “to make money to live.” They promoted the idea that the world we live in is founded on those corrupt practices. They did not hesitate either —not even in front of the Presidential Palace under the control of President Roh Moo-Hyun— to loudly promote the poor excuse that their misconduct was needed in order to earn their living.

The conduct that President Kim Dae-Jung’s henchmen pretended make the basis to blame American Republicans of being Communists was coming from their own consistent behavior pattern. One of President Kim Dae-Jung’s collaborators told me —when he was threatening me— that they did not mind using that method — to harm and kill, and that their only concern were the final results that they were obtaining. He added that everything —law and justice— becomes suspended during wartime.

These were indeed President Kim’s political ideas that were raised up as the foundation of terrorist behavior.

When they dare to call the Republican Party a communist party, and American Republicans are singled out as communists, only then may President Kim pretend to be an exponent of human rights.

President Kim Dae-Jung defends himself by saying that those directors of the KCIA are good persons, that they catch communists; meanwhile he has given expensive gifts and cash at the time of the summit with Kim Jong-Il —who embraces communist ideas. He has branded a citizen as an anti-Kim Jong-Il extreme rightist and he tried to secretly kidnap and murder a citizen whom he had the duty to protect. This practice of evil politics of terror has become natural —a rightful and profitable action— for Minister Han Seung-Soo, Ban Ki-Moon and Ambassador Yang Sung-Chul.

Very surprisingly, those creatures who worked under Patriot II to instill their evil words in order to distance and alienate the US and its various ethnic elements have had a good life in the US until today. This explains how they go on imposing inappropriate labels of communism and extreme right, classifying new victims as they see fit.

Ban Ki Moon’s subordinates who worked under President Kim Dae-Jung continued to brand me as a communist and as an extreme rightist until the very last moment. [Let me emphasize that this aggression continues until today in Seoul.] Similarly, they tried to ingrain Nazi ideas and dogmas in my mind.

Certain agents attempted to instill Nazi ideas and philosophies in their target. I still can’t understand why they tried to inculcate me with thoughts and doctrines that promoted World War II and its barbarism. Why did those agents keep attempting to make me a Nazi sympathizer? [UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and President Kim should answer this immediately!]

They use the expression “burnt offering” to refer to the murder and disposal of the body of the citizen who has thus been branded as a communist or as an extreme rightist. Now in Seoul, policemen are delivering their death threats by saying “the road to crematorium” after their outrageous torture.

They have made public that I am an anti-American pro Kim Il-Sung communist. They have advised me not to go to the US —because the US is not an appropriate place for Koreans.

[Thus, it should be the same for Ban Ki-Moon and Han Seung-Soo, and it is indeed an inadequate and unsuitable place to kidnap and murder me. They tried to lure me into places such as Sydney, Australia. Maybe President Kim Dae-Jung thinks that the US is not a good place to kidnap and murder me. Ban and Han must also think in this way —just like Jeon and Park Young-Sam. They tried to liquidate me when I visited Brussels for a few days (Brussels, European Union, 2001).]

Park and diplomat Nho Gil-Sang worked with the embassy’s national defense military attaché Lee Seung-Sun. [The government sent military attaché Lee to participate in the UN Peacekeeping Operation (PKO). It is nothing less than a subtle cover.] Both of them did their best to convince me with their sly words, just like the agent whom I have mentioned earlier —the one who joined together with a group of Koreans who wanted to help me at the time I was on a huger strike in Norcross, Georgia.

Finally, instead of Jeon, the henchman and the diplomat were sent to talk to me from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the control of Ban and Minister Han Seung-Soo. It is important to carefully consider the meaning of Jeon and Patriot I’s visit, precisely because these two bandits usually who deliver death threats and try to kill and injure.

When they call someone an extreme rightist or communist, they surely do it as a way to oppress him, and then treat him as an “insignificant person.” Let’s keep in mind the meaning of “insignificant person,” in order to fully understand the nature of the democracy and the human rights which they are talking about. A criminal —when he failed to kidnap and liquidate me— used all sorts of insulting words to emphasize my insignificance in the church. He expressed his anger in both disguised and blatant words. Now President Kim’s puppets are showing their scorn and threats in a variety of ways.

Terrorist activity was carried out against a citizen with the cooperation of Ban Ki-Moon’s foreign agents. They proudly mention the financial gain obtained through their terrorist acts, including the use of germs in a terror act at Brussels.

President Roh’s policemen who have exerted violence upon me —battery— are now sanctioning me with a fine, accusing me of an aggression I did not commit, fabricating a false charge. What really happened is that I was attacked from behind by two policemen. They destroyed a camera in order to cover up their misconduct. I received a notice from the Court of Justice telling me that I have to pay about $700 or go to jail. That’s the kind of justice we all have to confront. To them, it is clear that I must be the attacker, and if I do not pay the fine, I will be imprisoned for two weeks. That’s how a victim of police violence —a survivor of state-sponsored terror acts— is now suffering repression under the pretext of enforcing the law —enforcement that they themselves control, and by precisely the same agents who keep on attacking me with their evil powers!—. This is corrupt justice that facilitates the state-sponsored terrorism and cover-up for those criminal activities (January 8, 2008). They often say that the economy/money is everything. They did not hesitate to threaten me, in order to prevent the revelation of the truth contained in the video file which survived in their effort to destroy it. Again, they made their arson threat. They added that I will be seriously punished. It is important to remind that they have already carried out arson attacks (January 14, 2008).

The most important thing for these terrorists is the financial gain. In order to get their monetary income, they approach people with very sly and cruel tactics.

According to circumstances, they chose one of the many choices available in order to obtain financial gain, either by identifying a defenseless citizen —merely a hunting target— as a communist or as an extreme rightist, or by committing crimes such as sabotaging [systematically destroying certain products such as a PC], arson, or other criminal activities.

[I have to stress that they branded me a pro Kim Jong-Il anti-American communist in many foreign countries and communities. Also, that Jeon —who was an army chaplain— threatened me inside a church and tried to persuade me to change my political ideas for those of President Kim — ideas which were different from the thinking of the Hannara political party to which president-elect Lee Myung-Bak belongs. While the ex-chaplain Jeon was exerting force upon me to change my way of thinking, he mentioned that he had participated in the joint military exercise between Korea and the US. Jeon was trying to persuade me to change my ideas by insisting in his remark that the world is too much inclined to the right. I refused it on the spot. It was a monumental moment.

Diplomat Nho Gil-Sang also attempted to change my political ideas to that of a leftist in the church at a time when I was under continuous threats of kidnapping and murder. I refused presbyter Nho’s attempts on the spot. Both abominable attempts occurred inside the same church.]

Once I went to a post of Ban Ki-Moon's criminal networks to talk about certain subject. When I entered into the room —it looked like just a big room— there were some people who rapidly changed to the position of works. I couldn't see their faces. Just one man came to me to talk with me during the conversation he posed a question just like he knew that what was going on to me. He gave me the question. To pose that question, he had to know something about what I went through. Others in the room avoided their eye contacts with me. So how they knew about my situation at that time? I was curious but I did not have any energy to ask up to that point.

Atmosphere was very different from aggressive and provoking attitudes of Korean Consulate General in Atlanta under the control of Cho Jung-Pyo.

Later what the consul said during hid death threat explained the reason why. They were interconnected.

One of the agents advised me to leave the US during my hunger strike. He was among those kind-hearted persons from the Korean community who had come to help me. Later on, I discovered by accident that one of the visitors was close to the henchman working with the consul who had delivered a sly death threat at Norcross.

When I moved to Brussels for a few days, the agents under the control of Han Seung-Soo (and Ban Ki-moon) attempted to murder me at the church without any hesitation.

In Atlanta, these criminals delivered the threat disguised as advice. Its essence was “Do not trust the Republican Americans because they are pure Communists!” Are they democrats? The agents knew about my xeno-transplantation technology study —academic research including some of Clinton's ideas and policies related to the subject. [My study also covered regulations, social implications and effects concerning organ-replacement technology all over the world.] They were evidently hostile to my study, even though they tried to get a copy of it.

I was merely a person studying the technology of animal-to-human organ transplants (xeno-transplantation), but even so President Kim used me as his sacrifice —burnt offering— for his sunshine policy toward Kim Jong-II.

In this evil plot implemented by Ban Ki-Moon —the current UN Secretary General— along with Shin Kuhn and Han Seung-Soo, I became President Kim’s burnt offering, a target of kidnapping, murder, bio-terrorism and corruption (to the extreme that they provided a woman and offered a sly financial compensation). For these unlawful political motives, I was singled out as an anti-Kim Jong-Il pro-American extreme rightist and communist. Of course, they have the power to brand anyone as a communist or as an extreme rightist in order to satisfy their political and financial need of “burnt offerings” —as they call their victims—.

So I had to go and stand in front of the Presidential Palace and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and demand the end of all political terrorism implemented by vice minister Ban Ki-Moon —who is the current UN Secretary General. This was also the basis of their four major powers diplomacy. It has become absolutely necessary to put a stop to those gangsters if we want to have a beautiful country.

“To be or not to be” is not the question. President-elect Mr. Lee Myung-Bak, Mr. Lee Hoi-Chang and former GNP (Hannara) chairwoman Ms. Park Geun-Hye.


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