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Welcome to Jeon's Toronto!

Later, I had to go to someplace outside of the United States. I decided to go to Toronto. After my arrival on September 10, 2001, 9-11 happened. When I went to Toronto, I did not inform anyone about my destination. I did not inform anyone about my destination, because Toronto was the city in the area recommended by President Kim’s well-disguised terrorist Jeon. So, in my case, Toronto was a city in the risk zone. I had to keep in mind that they had various sources to keep the terrorists’ eyes on me. I traveled by airplane, so I expected certain possibilities.

Initially I considered two countries, after Ban Ki-Moon's henchmen attempt to murder me at Brussels/Bruxelles -President Kim even mobilized Hyundai against me. This time they had to prepare lots more to make everything naturally even if I was disappeared without any trace -for ex-vice minister Ban Ki-moon's Burnt Offering for President Kim Dae-Jung. [At the certain "Full-Moon harvest day", I learned that they tried to normalize the external looking of conditions of their target before my second arrival at Brussels. The murder of a person can be very profitable even to unexpected person. More than my expectation, many were waiting their burnt offering -termination of a citizen. I have to say thank you to him who showed what he is.  Indeed, it was very difficult because it came with insults and sly menaces and tricks. It was an intended confirmation of his identity to provoke. As one of Ban Ki-Moon's diplomats said to me in front of the Palais de Justice, many do unimaginable business to get more profits -including financial profits.]

One was Mexico, other was Canada -due to geographic proximity. Due to the linguistic easiness, I decide to go to Canada.

Before the departure from Brussels, Jeon said many about foreign cities and countries - I had to judge Canada as a country in the group of risk in my case -not for any other. So I had to be cautious.

Toronto is one of the largest English speaking cities in Canada and is the provincial capital of Ontario. It is well know just like Vancouver. After the initial evaluation of risk factors showed by President Kim's henchmen in Brussels and Antwerp, I excluded Vancouver.

After the terror September 11, I moved around the city by foot ...

Naturally I moved around in front of them without knowing it.

Later, I found a bus line that links to Atlanta -I learned from a student. I had a round rip ticket.


This short trip avoided my visit to Brussels and nullified their preparation for Ban Ki-Moon's burnt offering for President Kim Dae-Jung who committed bioterrorism by using Chinese after his Nobel peace prize.




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